The 4 Most Haunted Places in Warwickshire

The nights are drawing in and Halloween is creeping nearer…As one of the oldest country house hotels in Warwickshire, we understand that paranormal activity goes hand in hand with areas that are rich in history. Our country is known for is complex and often bloody past, so it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of chilling tales and haunted locations that would make even a seasoned investigator’s hair stand on end. Looking for spooky things to do in Warwickshire this Halloween? Our guide has the locations you need.

Warwick Castle

Dating back to 1068 when it was built by William the Conqueror, further additions and renovations were made to the castle in the 12th century. All this activity can only mean one thing – paranormal occurrences! Renowned for playing a vital part in England’s history since the middle ages, the castle has been the focus of many paranormal investigations. One such ghost, Sir Fulke Greville, is frequently spotted. Murdered by his manservant in 1628 he can be seen slowly appearing beside his portrait. Despite their fame as tourist attractions, the dungeon and the tower are not for the faint of heart due to the tortured spirits that remain there. Dare you visit?

Guys Cliffe House

A haunted gothic mansion and previously used as a masonic lodge, Guys Cliffe house’s ruins date back to 1751 and has a very colourful history; it has seen the dissolution of monasteries by Henry V111, been utilised as a hospital during World War 1 and during the Second World War it became a school for evacuated children. Plans were in place for the house to become a hotel, but it soon fell into ruin. There are a variety of areas to explore and paranormal activity ranges from apparitions and lights to strange sensations.

Rollright Stones

A site that concealed bones and perpetuates tales of witchcraft, the Rollright stones are thought to be older than Stonehenge. Located on the border between Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, the stones have stood silently at the very southern end of the county for an eerie amount of time. What have they witnessed? Only they know. The site has been rumoured to be a popular gathering place for many covens over the centuries. Would you visit to bear witness to the legend?

Battle of Edgehill

Half-way between Banbury and Warwick is the site of the Battle of Edgehill. Despite the battle occurring in 1642, phantoms of all the fighting soldiers have been seen and heard since the dreadful battle. The dark night sky in the weeks that followed played host to vicious re-enactments of the fight; witnesses claimed to see men they recognised with their own eyes. So much fuss was made that King Charles 1 himself heard of the reports – his Royal Commission went and confirmed what had been seen. Despite the visions tapering off into obscurity over the years, many people who visit the site still feel uneasy and hear the sounds of battle. It’s interesting to note that the Edgehill ghosts are the only British phantoms able to boast recognition from the Public Record Office. Would you be brave enough to stand on the battleground?

With an extensive history and many incarnations, our country house hotels in Warwickshire has a firm place in history as Sir Christopher Wren’s residence. As to whether we are haunted? Well, that would be for you to decide… Book your stay directly with us to receive the best rates.

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