Our Guide to National Trust Treasures in Warwickshire

Some of the most memorable things to do in Warwickshire…

Warwickshire’s diverse heritage and history dates right back to the stone age. Since then, the county has become renowned for its many National Trust owned and managed properties, many located only a short distance from our Warwickshire country house hotel.

Based on their distance from our hotel in Warwickshire, we’ve put together an immaculate collection of some priceless National Trust treasures.

Baddesley Clinton (2.9 miles or 6 minutes by car) 

Only a short drive or walk from our Warwickshire hotel, Baddesley Clinton is set in the beating heart of the Forest of Arden and boasts a wealth of highly interesting and visit-worthy stories and heritage. The part period redbrick property is surrounded with stunning gardens during every season of the year. Baddesley Clinton is a popular visitors spot for our guests here at Wroxall only a short drive by car or a leisurely walk if it takes your fancy. 

Packwood House (4.9 miles or 11 minutes by car)

This 16th Century Tudor house is a real gem when it comes to restoration. Much of the restoration of Packwood House was completed during the first and second world war and it is now the home of a wealth of exotic and fascinating memorability signposting its fulfilling history.

Only 11 minutes away, Packwood House is a nearby alternative to Baddesley Clinton or if  time is on your side, both properties  work nicely together in an afternoon of exploration.

Charlecote Park (11.4 miles or 20 minutes by car)

One of the most popular National Trust destinations in Warwickshire is Charlecote Park. Set on the banks of the River Avon, Charlecote showcases a stunning Victoria property set amongst a landscaped deer park.

Take a tour of the house which is still owned by the Lucy family, who have been the proprietors of the property for over 900 years. The house is lathered with the history of the family and its evolution as it has been passed on generation to generation. From costume to cookery, art to fascinating treasures collected by the family from all over Europe, Charlecote is a great day out with or without the kids.

Kinwarton Dovecote (13.9 miles or 27 minutes by car)

For those with an appetite to explore the more unusual, Kinwarton Dovecote is definitely world a 27 minute car drive into the middle of the rural countryside. Kinwarton is a 14th Century dovecote with metre-thick walls, over 580 nesting holes and the original rotating ladder.

Coughton Court (16.8 miles or 30 minutes by car)

Coughton Court was acquired by Henry VI Under Treasurer John de Throckmorton and has stayed with the family since the 14th Century. The Tudor house is located amongst perfectly pruned picturesque gardens and boasts a wealth of Cathodic memorabilia which is on show for all to enjoy.

Farnborough Hall (22.5 miles or 31 minutes by car)

Open from April to September, Farnborough Hall is a magnificent backdrop on a clear sunny day. With vast lakes and landscapes on each horizon, Farnborough Hall is definitely worth the half an hour car journey to explore.

The house itself is honey-coloured and is lived in by the Holbech Family. The interior is lathered with magnificent plasterwork and craftsmanship worthy of its Grand Tour which is essential when visiting the glorious landmark.

Upton House and Gardens (23 miles or 33 minutes by car)

Upton House has undertaken a marvellous renovation project and this year they invite the public to admire the transformation of the remarkable country house. If you’re a keen and adventurous gardener looking for inspiration for home, Upton Gardens are a very good place to start.

For more information on each landmark, visit the National Trust website. To enquire about staying at Wroxall Abbey, call us on +44 (0) 1926 484 470, email us or alternatively you can book a room online here.


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