Renowned as one of the greenest and most floral country hotels in Warwickshire, Wroxall Abbey has all the tips you need to attain a last-minute Summer garden.

It’s always the way that we have the best of intentions when it comes to our garden but sometimes work, family and other commitments get in the way. It’s not too late to have a beautiful summer garden, and while it might not offer you the pleasure of watching your bulbs bloom there’s always next year to find the time to nurture your garden from scratch.

Plant Pots and Hanging Baskets

By planting pots this late, not only will you save money as most will be reduced in price but if you care for them correctly they can last you into Autumn. A top tip is to work out which areas of your garden get the most sunlight and plant them there – as you’re late tending to the garden they need to make the most of the sunlight to really thrive. Check the bottom of the pots you are going to purchase too as if the roots are visible you could find it difficult to extract them. If you struggle with space, then hanging baskets are a great way to get the colour and foliage you crave without limiting your floor space, you can even plant fruit in them too!

Buy Plants That Have Already Grown

To build an instantly beautiful garden, you can take the shortcut of buying plants that have already grown. This can be expensive, but it’s worth the cost to get a stunning summer garden. Top tip: buying grown plants involves a lot of upkeep, so make sure that you or someone you know is green fingered!

It’s worth making a list of the following plants: Marigold, Black-eyed Susan, Verbena. Blanket flower, Zinnia, Hibiscus and Globe Amaranth as they are just some of the flowers that are perfect for planting or purchasing during the Summer months.

Now you have all the tips you need to create a short notice summer garden that is perfect for entertaining your family and guests as we near the end of Summer.

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