Keep your cool at our Warwickshire conference venue this summer with some of our useful networking tips

Another Great British summertime appears to be on the horizon. With there likely to be unpredictable weather and often some overcast and muggy days, so here at Wroxall Abbey Hotel & Spa we’ve decided to talk networking. More importantly, how to achieve summer networking success without even breaking the smallest of sweats in and out of our Midlands conference venue.

Here are a few of our top tips to curate some summer conference confidence…

  1. Ice Breakers

While we’re approaching the height of summer, temperatures in and out of the conference room are set to soar, which means there’s always a reason to prepare some successful and stylish ice breakers. By ice breakers of course we mean snappy, unique introductions that will help you weave and wind your way into the right circles at any professional event. Here are a few of our favourites…

“…can I get you a drink”

“…how did you find the talk”

“…I really enjoyed your point regarding”

  1. Summer Formal Wear

Now we’re not going to tell you exactly what suit and tie you should wear, but wearing lighter colours can make your appearance easier on the eye. Another top fashion tip for a warm summers day networking is wearing a short-sleeved shirt under your blazer. This will not only keep you cooler but will also leave you feeling a little more comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Hydration

It can often be far too tempting on those warm summers days to opt out of the free bottled  water and lour ourselves into the hands of the complimentary Primm’s cocktails and prosecco. While we certainly do not condemn a solitary beverage, we recommend you speak to all of your key contacts first and tick off the main objectives of your networking events before moving onto the old toddy.

  1. Aftershave & Mints

No matter how hot or cold a day may be, coffee is always a must have before 9am and of course during those brief break outs designed to stimulate your concentration. But we’ve all encountered a dozen (at least) of those who perhaps have a coffee or two too many. Solution? Always come prepared with additional aftershave and mints to freshen up throughout the day.

  1. Humour & Wit

There’s nothing more charming and endearing on a warm hot day than the sound of laughter and light heartedness. Therefore, you should always ensure you pack your sense of humour and you’ll be surprised how many more people you’ll get the opportunity to speak to.

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