New Year’s Traditions From Around The World

Different cultures have their own unique take on welcoming the change of the calendar. As one of the most loved country house hotels in Warwickshire, we wanted to share our own traditions, as well as some from across the world.



The Danish celebrate New Year by affectionately smashing all of their leftover and unwanted plates against the doors of all their loved one’s homes. They also stand on chairs and tables and leap off them at Midnight for good luck.



Opening a pomegranate in Turkey is supposed to signify wealth and prosperity in the coming year. While in Armenia, throwing them on the ground is considered good luck. The more pieces and seeds that spread the more successful the year is going to be. The fruit represents the heart, symbolising life, fertility and health.



In Finland, one of the more popular New Year’s traditions involves melting a small cast horseshoe of tin quickly into cold water, making it re-harden into a different shape. The shape and shadow of the resulting cast is meant to interpret future events of the coming year, promising good luck, wealth, sorrow or happiness.


The traditional celebration of Hogmanay in Scotland has many residents in the streets parading and swinging fireballs on poles as symbols of the sun to purify the coming year. “First footing” is also practised. The first person who crosses the threshold of a home in the new year is expected to come bearing a gift.


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