How to organise a last-minute Christmas party

Planning a last-minute Christmas party? Warwickshire has one of the finest venues for your event.

In charge of this year’s Christmas party? Before you know it, Christmas is only a month away and you haven’t got a venue booked yet. Renowned as one of the best Christmas party venues in the county, the team at Wroxall Abbey have prepared some useful tips so you can still throw one of the best parties of the year.

Gathering the crucial facts

There are a few vital facts that you will need to gather before starting your venue search. The overall numbers of attendees, the date when most people are available and budget are crucial from the very start. Not only are these factors important to know, but they will massively influence your venue choice.

Picking the right venue

Now that you know who is coming, what date most people are available and what budget everyone has in mind, you can research the venues in your area. Utilising all the information you have gathered, you will be able to create a plan of action. Looking for a luxury hotel to host your Christmas party in Warwickshire? Here are five reasons why Wroxall is the perfect venue

Selecting the food

Food is known to be one of the first things attendees remember from a party! Ensuring that guests have enough to eat and drink during the night should always be a priority – our Christmas celebration party package offers a fantastic 4-course dinner that will no doubt satisfy your attendees and get them in the party mood.

Ensuring great entertainment

The annual Christmas party is the perfect occasion for colleagues to get together, let their hair down and enjoy an enjoyable evening together. Entertainment such as a disco can be a great way to continue the night after the meal. Make sure you are aware if your venue provides entertainment before you finalise the details of your booking.


Organising a last-minute Christmas party can be quite daunting. We hope our tips are able to guide your planning so that you have a fabulous night. If you are looking for Christmas party venues, Wroxall Abbey is the perfect location for a celebration thanks to its fantastic party nights.

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