Spa Etiquette For Beginners

Feeling nervous before your first time visiting a spa? Warwickshire is the perfect place to go for some rest and relaxation and luckily for you, Wroxall Abbey’s therapists have just the tips you need to see that you enjoy a treatment with confidence.

Preparation & Arriving Early

Excitement will be prevalent before you have your treatment, but try not to forget that a visit to the spa needs to be prepped for! Massages, certain wraps and detoxifying treatments can all dehydrate your body and skin, so be sure to drink plenty of water before (and after) your visit to the spa. Now that you have prepared, you don’t want to miss out on any time with your therapist; arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to get the full calming benefit of the space, though some people like to arrive up to an hour early to take advantage of all that the spa facilities have to offer.

You don’t hear of people rushing to relax – it is counter-productive to what you are trying to achieve by spending some much deserved ‘you’ time away from the stresses of daily life. Our advice is to take it easy and arrive in plenty of time.

A Phone Free Zone

Loudness, obnoxious ringtones and lots of noise; these are things that you don’t want to encounter in a spa setting. Our advice is to put your phone on silent or leave it at home – this is time that you have dedicated to some self-care, so disconnect and open yourself up to the relaxing atmosphere. Remember to be respectful of other spa-goers – speak in whispers to ensure that you don’t disturb anyone from the moment you walk through the door.


Therapists are trained to respond to your body and your relaxation needs, but they can’t fulfil the experience if you don’t tell them what you need or how you feel. More pressure, less pressure or no-go areas – all this needs to be communicated to your therapist during your session. Every spa-goer is different so don’t be embarrassed to share any preferences, ask any questions, or raise medical issues.

Draping is used in a lot of treatments including massage, so communication is key in letting your therapist know if you are comfortable. Your privacy will always be maintained, though some treatments could require disposable underwear – you can ask our Spa Reception about this prior to attending. When you disrobe and get under the towels, your therapist will step outside and knock before coming back into the treatment room.

We hope these tips have helped you get ready for a wonderful spa experience. You won’t find better Warwickshire spa days than those at Wroxall Abbey. From spa breaks and spa days to spa treatments and getaways, if you need to relax then book some ‘you’ time today.

To find out more about our spa, Warwickshire or any of our treatments, contact a member of our team today.

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