Wedding Traditions From Asia

Weddings, wherever they are held and whatever religion, culture or tradition they evoke, are wonderful times of love and celebration. As one of the most inclusive wedding venues in the Midlands, we know how Asian weddings offer a fantastically rich and diverse blend of cultures, religions and traditions.


Typically, a wedding celebration in India will last several days and consists of a pre-wedding, main ceremony and post-wedding. During the pre-wedding, both sides of the family meet, mingle and celebrate while the Pandit (the person responsible for selecting the wedding day based on the couple’s horoscopes) says prayers to encourage blessings.

Indian weddings are responsible for a strong colourful trend that western weddings have seen in more recent years and as such it is custom to wear bright colours and avoid white, black or red. Parents of the bride refrain from eating before the ceremony, so they can give their daughter away as pure as possible. Unlike western weddings, instead of exchanging rings the Mangala Sutra is tied around the bride’s neck; this cord with two gold pendants is tired three times by the groom and symbolises their souls joining for 100 years.


Similar to an Indian wedding, a Pakistani wedding often takes place over four days with four different ceremonies. Culturally, not only is this wedding symbolic of the couple becoming man and wife, it is also seen as an alliance between their families. Mehndi sees both families come together and anticipate the upcoming nuptials with excitement. The bride-to-be gets her hands painted with henna, and the next day Baraat offers a feast hosted by the bride’s family.

Baraat is often considered to be the main wedding event as it is the largest celebration. Then there is the holy ceremony of ‘Nikah’ which is performed by a religious Pastor or Imam. The following day, Walima sees the groom’s family host the bride’s family for a large feast.


In Japan, there are four main styles of wedding: Shinto, Christian, Buddist or non-religious. Nowadays many couples opt to incorporate elements of other religions into their ceremony, so you can see a blend of all four styles. In a traditional wedding, the couple will both wear a Kimono (montsuki for grooms) but some brides are choosing western white gowns. Instead of vows, the bride and groom drink sake.

This ceremony is very important and will see them sip three times each from three different cups called sakazuki. Their parents take sips next, which represents the bonding of the two families. This is a much respected and honoured tradition. If you are lucky enough to attend a Japanese wedding reception, you will be expected to bring a cash gift called shugi-bukuro. Guests typically gift an average of 30,000 yen.

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