Winter Wedding Guide

As you may know, we’re one of the most popular and accommodating wedding venues Warwickshire has to offer. In our latest blog, we share our winter wedding guide to ensure that your wintry wedding happens without a hitch.


If you opt for a winter wedding, then we cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in winter accessories. Think the likes of a faux fur, capes, cardigans, shawls, stoles – you can even wear a long sleeve wedding dress. If you want to take your attire to the next level, then you could always source a chic jacket or coat that will compliment your dress, and team it with suitably warm tights. For the gentlemen, they can make the most of tweed and velvet to keep warm; not forgetting gloves, scarves and blankets for the bridal party and guests, too!

Beauty Prep

Chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable come wintertime – they certainly don’t look good on anyone in photographs. Keep moisturiser on-hand, as well as lip balm to ensure that everyone looks their best. Don’t forget to look after your skin in the run up to your big day either – whatever your role in the wedding may be. Hydration, both through water and a skincare regime is vital come with the winter months as there can be windy and icy conditions that your skin has to contend with.

Ceremony Timings

With winter comes problematic weather. If your guests are travelling to your venue then it is always worth giving considerable thought into the start time of your ceremony; bad traffic can mean extra travel time. Photographs will need natural light to look their best, so be sure to check the sunrise and sunset timings on your special day – your photographer will be able to help with this.

Winter Colours and Special Touches

When we think of winter, we think of warm, cosy, inviting sights and sounds. Decorate your wedding space in rich, warm tones to truly evoke the season. We particularly like rich reds, warming burgundy, forest green and gold. Some couples also brave black, tartan and deep purple hues. Candles can be used responsibly to bring the scent of the outdoors in – many companies sell seasonal and even wedding specific scents. For special touches throughout your day, incorporate sparklers, handmade cookies and mulled wine –  little Irish cream liqueurs or even personalised gloves can work as memorable favours. If it suits your personal taste, it is always worth speaking to your wedding coordinator about the venue’s Christmas decoration plans – you might find that they suit your aesthetic perfectly!

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